Looting Detroit – Elections

The right to democracy has long been denied the citizens of Detroit through a corrupt voting system. 66,235 votes were too poorly secured to be recountable including all 44,215 of the city’s absentee votes in 2009. Thousands of ballots appeared to be in the same handwriting in 2013. Real investigations into these incidents have never taken place, which explains why the Detroit does not reflect the people who live there.

Elections Part 1 explores the politics of Wayne County, the county Detroit is in, the mayoral election of 2009/recount during which 66,235 votes were thrown out as un-recountable including all 44,215 of the city’s absentee votes, and the 2013 mayoral election primary.

Film length – 57 minutes.

Looting Detroit: Elections Part 1 Copyright 2016

Elections Part 2 explores; the 2013 mayoral primary recount where thousands of write-in votes appeared to be in the same handwriting, the “investigation” and general election issues.

Film length – 9 minutes.

Looting Detroit: Elections Part 2 Copyright 2016